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A friend of mine nominated me via fb for the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge, and i thought that if i were to going to get wet anyway, why not start (if it hasn’t already) this on tumblr… 

So…. I nominate Tjmystic, Midstorm and Dreams-Love-Magic…

According to the rules you have 24 hours to make your vid or you have to donate 100$ to the ASL foundation… but seeing as we all live in different parts of the world i think that 48 hours should be the limit.

Close your eyes - Chapter 1

Summary: Once upon a time an amateur musician and a librarian broke up in not so quite good terms. Now,10 years later, Sinclair Gold famous cello player will meet again with someone from his past. Will he be able to forgive and find happiness again? or will those 10 years stand on his way.

I know I’ve posted this before, but i have edited it a bit and insted of going trough the trouble of searching of finding the first post I decided to post it again… the prologue and the first chapter as a whole… With luck I’ll be posting the 2nd chapter soon.

Sinclair Gold didn’t care much for parties, specially his after parties. He couldn’t understand why but both his managers were fixed on throwing them after every opening show, in every goddamn a city. No matter that more often than not he didn’t show up, always making an excuse like being sick or ,better yet, having to take a girl ‘home’. Tonight had been the opening show in the last city of his worldwide tour, and he had wanted to skip the celebration more than ever. There were too many old faces, each one of them holding a bad memory from his past. He hadn’t want to include Storybrook on his tour, but both Jefferson and Victor had insist that he did. Just like they had insist that he had to attend this damn party.

He was a man full of hate, he hated his mother for giving up on life and his father for leaving. He hated his lameness and his greying hair, he hated his fucking body, and right now he hated being surrounded by what appeared to be amnesiac people congratulating him and telling him how happy they were to have him back on Storybrooke. They all seem to have forgotten how they used to treat him like a scoundrel, like he was no better than the dirt beneath their feet. He was only nice to the people who hadn’t lived here back when he did, he was especially nice to the girl he was planning on taking back to the hotel.

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itsareallynicebus asked:

I'm in the same writing funk, so let's see if I can't come up with a good prompt... AU where Belle French is a brilliant, if a bit odd, detective. Mr. Gold was a medic in the war when his ankle was shattered, when Belle asked him to be her forensics assistant.

Thank you for the prompt, i liked it very much so feel free to give me more prompts in this verse if you like!


"It that’s all French, I think I’m going to retire for the day" said Gold while putting away his things, it had been a very tiring morning and his ankle was bothering him.

"What do you mean you’re retiring for the day?" Belle asked looking up from a book she had found in the scene of the ‘crime’. "We haven’t found the stolen suitcase yet, nor the murderer."

Their client had found his lawyer dead on his study and a suitcase that contained some ‘very important documents which nature i cannot reveal right now’ had gone missing. Gold had spent the entire morning checking the body of the lawyer and had come to the conclusion that the man had killed himself.

"There is no murderer French, I already told you that the man committed suicide." Gold argued, "As for the suitcase, I wont go searching for something which contents we don’t know nothing about."

"And I’m telling you that it was a very well staged murderer." 

"You have no prove of that, and I for an instance don’t plan to waste the rest of the day just because you have a hunch.” 

"And what if I’m right," Belle said sating up from her desk. "What if the killer turns out to be some evil ogre who likes to skin children for their pelts."

It was on the tip of his tongue to tell her to stop talking crazy and to go see a doctor but ,not wanting to hurt her,he managed to keep his word at bay and instead walked to the bathroom to wash his hand.

"I’m sorry French but i won’t work on this case any more."

"Fine! Go home, have a cup of tea and relax." she shouted from the next room, "I’ have an evil ogre no catch and a suitcase to find" 

When Gold got out of the bathroom he found that not only had Belle gone, but that she had also left her jacket, cellphone and gun.

"Infuriating, stubborn…" Gold mumbled as he picked up Belle’s stuff. One of these days he would stop caring and let her go unprotected. 'Yeah right, like you would do that’  a voice in his head said.

"Shut up" he grumbled

And whit that the front door slammed shut.

Prompt Time

I’m trying to bring my muse back to life, i have like a ton of fics to update but i can’t master the will to write them so i was wondering if you guys could help me get back in touch with my writer side and prompt me whatever you want…


as of right now


the au’s that i’m working to make full on comics are:

  • angels and demons rumbelle (if anyone thinks of a name, you get a cookie)
  • a scottish werewolf in storybrooke
  • pokemon rumbelle

These are really lame but well… (For the demons/angels comic)

- Do you believe?

- Forbidden

- Chaos (this one is from the quote by christopher poindexter that says                       Chaos is an angel who fell in love with a demon.’)

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