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Rainy Day - a Rumbelle fic. Coming soon…

So I’ve been working on this fic, it’s going to be a one-shot… but with school and everything it is taking longer that it should. So i thought i’d give you a little somthing… This is only dialogues between rumple and belle, there’s no inner thoughts or anything like there will be in the fic.

"You think that because you come here in the middle of the night, soaked to the bone, telling me you’ve left him i’m going to what? Open my arms and pretend that the least 8 years didn’t happen? That suddenly my mind will forget how you chose him, married him?”

Rumple, please…”

"Please what Belle? I told you i was in love with you, I put myself out there for you and what did you did? You went and married Gaston."

"I was confused, i didn’t k-"

"You should leave." "But before tell me something."

"What do you want to know?"

"When you were with him, did you ever thought about me?"





And for any of you having a bad day, here is my awesome dad.

I wish I knew more white dads

I’ve never been so happy

Everyone really must watch this.

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